Our Brands

Loll designs

Eco-friendly, recycled materials 

Based in Duluth (MN), USA, Loll Designs is a designer/manufacturer of durable, all-weather, outdoor furniture and accessories made with recycled plastic – mostly from single­use milk jugs. Using thoughtful, original designs and unique materials, Loll creates innovative, fun and high­quality products proudly crafted in the USA. Originally, they used recycled post­industrial plastic (scrap that has been diverted or recovered during the manufacturing process), but by 2007, they began sourcing post- consumer plastic (material that has been used by consumers and diverted or recovered from waste destined for a landfill). This is when Loll, as both a product and a company, really started to take shape as a green organisation.               

Summit furniture

Teak wood furniture from sustainable sources

Founded by the late William Sieberts in 1979, Summit Furniture has become an internationally recognized company that exemplifies excellence. Dedicated to the finest in design, materials and craftsmanship, Summit collaborates with distinguished American and European designers to offer beautiful handcrafted teak furniture for contract, residential and marine environments. Unmistakable quality has made Summit Furniture the first choice for elegant hotels and restaurants, private clubs, estates and villas in London, Paris, Monaco, the Caribbean, New York and Los Angeles.Summit is also found on luxury cruise ships and superyachts throughout the world.         

Maria Flora

 Wonderful fabrics, durable colors

MARIAFLORA creations spring from the creative and professional capacity of Filippo Uecher. They are profoundly linked to the culture of his native territory and hometown Biella, with its atmospheric medieval quarter, Piazzo.  MARIAFLORA combines a family tradition and a passion for furnishing fabrics, expressed by means of design collections dedicated to houses which are elegant both externally and internally.     

Santa Barbara Designs

A huge selection of high quality shades

It all began in 1981 with the introduction of the now iconic Santa Barbara Umbrella, whose timeless design echoes the refined Santa Barbara lifestyle for which it was named. Over the years it has become the standard by which all Santa Barbara umbrellas are designed and built; in fact, many of our subsequent designs were inspired by this original umbrella. Today there are more than ten unique collections, many introduced in response to the needs of the market and our discerning clientele. Every umbrella is bench made, hand-finished and individually registered by the skilled craftsmen of Southern California.   

About Us

Kültéri bútorokkal foglalkozó cégünk 2017-ben alakult azzal a céllal, hogy Magyarországgal és a kelet-európai régióval is megismertessen olyan márkákat, melyek vagy etikai és/vagy környezetvédelmi szempontból kitűnnek versenytársaik közül. Csapatunk két főből áll, Denis Parker belsőépítész és lakberendező több mint 15 éves tapasztalattal segíti a magas színvonalú lakótér iránt érdeklődőket . Munkájában társa Vigh Ágnes, aki több mint 10 éves nyugat-európai tapasztalattal rendelkezik, főként a környezetbarát és az ergonómiailag élenjáró termékek területén. Cégünk kizárólagos képviseleti joggal rendelkezik a fent említett márkák forgalmazását illetően, számos európai ország területén.



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